Hard Rejected after Multiple tries

I have got second hard rejection even after renovating my entire product script and User Interface. Kindly let me know where it truly lacks still so much hard work. I will highly appreciate help from senior members and envato staff members. Thanks.

HERE IS THE LINK :https://fir-login-codecanyon.firebaseapp.com/

You are highly unlikely to get staff replies in the forums.

Your best option is to share the demo link to your item here and you should be able to get community feedback

I will appreciate if community members can understand and point out where my item truly lacks for submission

Is it just a registration and login form and script?

Registration, Login and Reset password form and when you successfully login it will redirected to second demo page as well.

I registered and it took me to that second page (the one that says “You’re logged in!” right?).

With respect this is quite a way off what’s needed for here.

  • the demo is not responsive

  • ‘log out’ button does not actually do anything

  • lacks basics like opt-in etc.

  • I’m pretty sure that something like this with improved and more functionality could easily be found for free online

  • needs way more versatility , features and premium value e.g. different designs, layouts, fields, options etc.

  • simplified data management

Ok Thanks alot for your efforts and time. Your majority points seems valid now let see if I can get acceptance even after upgrading with ur provided changes as well.