Hard Rejected 3 Logo Template

Anyone, please help me. I didn’t know why these items rejected.

For me, some visual characteristics strike first. For example:

The visual misalignment of the tagline compared to the main type is very obvious (but also a problem with the other logos - both the second one and third one need more kerning/sizing to fit the main type to the right)

The second one has thin lines that don’t fit with the bold, main line of the logo. Also they might not be very easily spotted from afar (same goes for the tagline). So probably, unity/harmony could be improved by using standard dimensions for all the lines (or a contrast between 2 well defined line thicknesses).

On the last logo there is a problem with unity again because there are multiple stroke sizes and also the combination between rounded and straight does not go so well. Especially where it binds to the crease at the top of the heart. The thing inside the main shape feels off somehow.

To conclude, the biggest, fastest potential improvement I see is to keep proportions in check, make sure you only use 1, 2, max 3 line sizes and that they fit with each other visually.

This is just my opinion though and I might be subjective. I hope I helped.


hi as for me, i would like to say that this is not th worst thing i have seen to say the least … though there is much to say and much to improve as well … the alignment , as mentioned, is not satisfying and makes your item look not professional enough . Font combinations are kind of flat the name are clearly not outstanding at this stage … The proportion between tagline and title seems not accurate too and as for me, i tend to believe that not giving a fake name meant for people to see what your logo is about is not a good idea …

for teh first one, the problem is that i really cannot identify what is the shape all about … this is much os a problem in my view
for the second one u have too small details and if the logo is considered in very small size it will not be clear what this is …
the last one looks not aligned

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thanks a lot, Dear Kheyas. inshallah, I will try to recover it.
can you please tell me, “make sure you only use 1, 2, max 3 line sizes and that they fit with each other visually.” what does mean it?

thanks a lot, Dear n2n44. inshallah I will try to recover it

i hope u can make it next time :slight_smile: do not forget , do your best, concentrate on quality and this should be ok :slight_smile:

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