Hard rejected_2

Hi Guys! same sitiation with this:
Hard rejected: samples,mixing,mastering.
any thoughts?

I don´t know wthat is the reason. It´s very bafflin when it´s happened.

Thanks. who have any ideas more?

Only thing I can think of is if you’re using samples you’ve sampled from music but not paid the licence for? Otherwise I can’t really think of anything.

I think the lead sound is very piercing and not very pleasant. It’s maybe the style, but I don’t think it’s suitable for Audiojungle. Other than that, the track sounds well produced and well composed to me.

The track is for label not for audiojungle!
If you want, try to upload again without filter you use… (1:36… and 5:02…). Just a try!
Also maybe need to create a small version only… Try more methods and good luck! : -)

They meant that it’s low quality of samples,mixing,mastering.

thanks, lead - you mean melody lead or pad lead?

lead melody line, like around 1:05. Sounds like a kazoo or something.

I think it’s a sax, it’s just out of it’s range.

The mix is rather top heavy, even the bass elements are very fuzzy and harmonically rich, which is awesome, but seeing as all the other synths are fuzzy and harmonically rich it’s all piling up in that range.
The kick is just mid range, the bass and low end of the kick are probably right on top of each other. Eq them to work together, or even better side chain the kick and bass, so you get more of that rhythmic pumping feel, and don’t have to push the higher elements so much to get to rhythm in there.

Some percussion bits aren’t sitting as well as they could be, the snaps are right on top of the kick, which already has that frequency covered.

And it doesn’t have to be the same chord progression through out the entire track. You’ve got a cool change in feel, but it’s muted cause the audience is practically hearing the same thing.

Sorry if I’m rambling a little. Waiting for a long project to bounce, so I’m bored! :yum:

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thank you very much