Hard rejected (1)


I was surprised that my template got rejected. I search for criteria of acceptancy, and I failed to find anything.
Hard Rejected means that a lot of work has to be done again. Why can’t we have any guideline ? wrong template for which reasons ?

this is the template :

Demos need to be in English

It’s not really mobile optimised

Design is quite outdated

Would be before from a lot more features and functionality eg course pages (just having the preview feels unfinished) etc

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You need to learn more in the world of programming and web design , so dont give up and start to learn UI/UX

Based on my humble opinion and perspective of a newbie, you need to add smooth scrolling, and for the Educational Program section, I think you need to merge it into one using a carousel or something like that, and for the Footer section maybe change it into one color would be good, and also for the image would be nice if you change it into SVG. :beers:

Yo need improve your design, ux, ui skills to make your kit approved. Create a unique, good taste, and use english for your copy. I think you still don’t have taste design required by envato. Kindly learn it first before creating item

Dear Charlie, I feel that the whole site is mobile optimized. What have you found not optimized ?
Have you noticed that the admin panel allows to control quizz for student ? Additionally, a chat system is inside the environment to allow each student to communicate with their teacher ?

I am surprised that the design is a key element to authorize the product to be on sale.

I’d argue that the copy is quite long and very small / hard to read on a phone esp. for the course previews (made worse by significant margins either side).

Where is the quiz and chat function? I can’t see that in the demo? If someone has to login and create an account to view that then a) you need to make that clear and b) it’s quite a big barrier to entry

The basics are the most important elements to be fixed… (with respect):

  • It needs to be in English
  • the design really does need work for example see how modern clean and professional looking with great attention to detail
  • You need to offer a lot more pages and premium options as an example or here or here look at how many variations course pages and other info is on offer (this is just a random choice). right now you have one page with a non functioning footer nav and no supplementary info or variants of key content