Hard reject.


Hi everyone, I recently uploaded a title animations project which was hard rejected. I know every author gives there all on each project and with this I really took my time and worked on it from design to promotion. The feedback I got from envato was vague, which I understand as there are a lot of uploads, but I could really do with some opinions on where I’m missing the mark.

Thank you


I think so too. Apart from that, the colors are very faint at. …


Hi thejoseph, I’m not quite sure what you mean?


Colours are very pale and not alive…


Thank you, I think you’ve got a point, they could do with more pop.


There are a lot of minimal projects simply because they’re easy to create and anyone with a bit of experience can do them.
There’s not anything wrong with the design itself, I’m pretty sure it would’ve sold well. It’s just the volume of minimal projects submitted has risen substantially and i believe only exceptional and unique projects get accepted.


Thanks for the advice Voxyde. It’s my first crack at a minimal based text project so I’ll take it on the chin and work on something more original for the next effort.