Hard reject

Hello friends, my product has been hard rejected and there is no reason to write anything anywhere, can anyone help?
demo link : Panavid

There’s not much features that would help you to get the approval as “premium” item while similar free plugins are available.

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Hello, my good friend, this is just a part of the features of my video player, which most video players do not have
Statistics panel
Shortcode support
Video Multi source
Dark mode
Play online
Sticky mode
Muted Autoplay
Show statistics
Auto playback
Saved Position
Remove YouTube UI
Focus Mode
Player size
Close right click
It is private
Auto play video
Auto hiding controller
Customize player buttons
Sensitive Content
Email form
Call To Action Button
Action Bar
Plugin Settings
Custom CSS
Contact support
Plugin built-in support
Dedicated reactjs admin dashboard

Almost half of them can be managed via default WordPress


It is not just about the features, it is the presentation as well, there is absolutely no information about the player.

Would you buy something that you have no clue what it does or how it works?

Update your design. work on the minor details. add some detailed information about the player features… something similar to this player https://prestoplayer.com/ and you will get it approved 100%


Yes, well, we have explained all this, this is the link of our landing page

That is good but the design is not good, you need a good UI designer to help you with this, with respect but this looks like this was made ten years ago, the concept is good all you need to do is to align to the Envato quality standards, I don’t know how the code is behind the plugin but first you need to fix the design, how to do that either you ask help from a good UI designer that knows how Envato works or tries to do it your self, get inspiration from the player that I showed you.

Just one thing that is bothering me and I am not a designer is the red-on-black theme, it literally bothers my eyes…

The info about the player should not be hidden with all the drop-downs and many other things that just a good UI designer can help you fix it…

I know it is frustrating but it is up to you if you want this approved so please take this in a constructive manner, I am just trying to help you.

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Dear friend, thank you for helping us. I have a user interface designer and I will implement your suggestions again.
My only question is, if I update, can I upload the same product again?
Because my problem is the hard reject which as far as I have heard, cannot be uploaded again.
I spent three months on this product

If you change the design significantly and work on the presentation yes can reupload and you have a high chance of approval, the player has good features…

You can use as a reference the player that I sent you or even get inspiration from one of mine but keep in mind that my player was approved years ago the design might not be approved now in 2024 this is why you need a good designer that understands current trends… Easy Video Player

Please make sure that the code is written correctly following the Envato requirements https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000510603-WordPress-Plugin-Requirements , it is extremely important to write the code using this guidelines otherwise you will get a hard reject so take this seriously!

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Some of the features that our plugin has that are not available in other similar plugins:
1- Dedicated management panel made with ReactJS
2- Statistics of views, likes and dislikes and comments for each video
3- Placing a warning of sensitive content on the video
4- Putting the user email collection form on the video
5- Managing video comments
6- Blocking users for posting comments
7- …
The above items are only part of the features that are not found in any similar plugin

These can be managed via WordPress itself. You should create a landing page ( properly ) to highlights those details then but focus on the advanced features.

Good luck!

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Thank you very much friends for your guide, you are very good

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Thanks for your help, I will definitely check it