Hard Reject

Hello everyone, I would like some help on what is wrong with the theme that I tried to submit but it was rejected with a “hard reject”. Any suggestion is welcome.



There is nothing premium about your theme, feels outdated. You need a modern design, my advice is to check out the latest approved themes and you be the judge of it.

This day only unique an premium themes are approved…

I am sorry if I am harsh but it is the truth, take it in a constructive way.

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HI, FWDesign,
thank you very much for the reply and when you say what you think it’s never a bad thing. I followed your advice and viewed the first 2 themes of the same category. Do you really find them that much different from mine?
Thanks again for your time and advice.


If you compare your work with what you showed me you can clearly see that the approved theme has correct spacing between elements, I don’t remember what this is called I think the typography and a lot of other things, yours is not good, too much bold everywhere., the typography is bad UI is not premium and has a lot of issues.

You need a UI designer to help you fix things because there are a lot of issues and nobody here on the forum will bother to go through all of it since the entire design concept has issues, The best thing is to find a UI designer and fix this issue refresh the theme give it a new name and upload again,I think it will be approved if you do this.

Your work is very similar to what is already on sale, From what I know the WordPress themes section is very picky, and only original and unique work is approved, maybe you could do something about this as well some original elements that you cant think of not inspired from someone else or work with your UI designer to do this.

I give you an example with my theme, you will not find something that looks like my theme or have the functionality that my theme has Acora .

Your theme is very similar to a lot of other themes that are on sale, this is my opinion I might be wrong but from experience, I see more and more rejects of good work and I think this is the reason, there is nothing new or original about it, it feels like it has already been made before and clients are confused seeing 100 themes that kinda do the same thing after they see a few they don’t know which is what…

I really hope you find your way on this platform is getting more and more difficult to make it here… and only top-notch work gets approved and makes some sales.

Thanks again for your opinion and advice. I will treasure it and congratulations for your work, really very nice.

Thank you.

Don’t give up, my theme suffered a hard rejection after almost 12 months of work, and then I remade and had 16 soft rejections until it was approved, in total almost 18 months crazy… I don’t know if I will ever code a theme again :slight_smile:

Work hard and you will get there but focus on one thing code or design, You can’t do both, is best to hire a UX designer to help you and you can focus 100% on code.

Also you can also work on plugins, it is much easier to do a plugin and the requirements are not so drastic as a theme.

This is my last project I do the JavaScript first and than move to the WordPress version Plasmic Audio Player

Congratulations, you are really very good.
Good luck with this new job.

Good luck to you too!