hard reject

The item I submitted has been rejected but I don’t understand the reason for the rejection, can you please help me improve the item :

Website Demo link : https://dorosk.tabibfinder.com
Admin Panel Demo link : https://dorosk.tabibfinder.com/admin
Login Details for admin :
username: admin
Password: 123

Login Details for author :
username: author
Password: 1234

With respect this is nowhere near the standard for envato

  • the styling and design is very outdated
  • you have basically a home, contact and then 3 pages that look the same and are just a pile of text and videos or images In no formalised design or structure
  • some post previews open post pages with content and other do not
  • the UI esp things like the tag labels do not look good
  • generally typography could be improved greatly
  • to compete you need to have multiple post types, category layouts, etc

This should be in themeforest and if you look at best selling magazine/blog type themes you will see the difference


thanks a lot i will work to correct this