Hard Reject

Hi, Authors and Friends
I’m trying to upload my HTML web templates in the Envato market but got hard rejected for each template I got hard rejected approx 7 times and I’m not able to find what I missing or what I did wrong can anyone help here is my some template urls.

First off, the loading time is horrible, it took tens of seconds for the loading animation to end. If you are unable to optimize your site to load within few seconds, then just do not use a preloader. This is not some portfolio website with rich animations and high quality images when the preloading is crucial. Don’t use preloaders just because you think it looks cool, it is really not. They are super annoying.

As for the first design, it is very generic, doesn’t bring anything new, has weak typography. There is nothing premium about it.
As for the second, then at least it has some direction, you went for some niche, but presentation is very lazy. Try to put more effort into your copy, do not use lorem ipsum everywhere, try to make the demo site look actually realistic. The design itself is not horrible but it is mediocre at best. I would advice you to do something little bit more simple than an online grocery marketplace.