Hard reject !

hard reject! your opinion thank you

Mate, a minimum courtesy would be nice. We spend our time for your work…

  • the piano part at the song start…is it a separated edit? If no, you had to cut it. It doesn’t fit to the song concept.
  • the mix is muddy, too much resonances
  • the instruments are not good separated in the stereo field. I guess you used an frequency based imager. Place the instruments carefully in the stereo field.
  • use an EQ on each track. Try to find out for each instrument, which is the most “annoying” frequency and lower them about 1,5 - 2 db
  • find out annoying overlapping/adding frequency ranges for the instruments. Mostly it happens at 100Hz and in the range between 200-400Hz. If you use orchestral libraries, then each instrument/group is recorded/sampled separately. That includes also the natural room noise with it’s reflections.If you put these instruments later together in your work, the room noise from all the used instruments is adding itself. That all made your mix muddy. Watch by example the violins, if they include frequencies lower than 200Hz. Thats noise from the room reflections.
  • The snare is too loud at some parts
    I like the composition. Good work. But the rejection was right. the mix is not good enough.

Possible reasons for rejection:

Mix. Eq. Quality of sound libraries. Brass / Horn line no breath too artificial. Drums need better arrangement. Piano at beginning bad. Piano too monotonous (no variation). Lo end muddy.

Thank you for your opinions. The library used is east west opus at $ 13,000, the work of the space is the Q space of east west, specially designed to give the image of a concert hall. The piano at the beginning is an introduction, in a classical work it has its place, I think more of the ostinatos behind which give rhythm, they are a little blurry indeed.
What is very regrettable is that the examiner does not give any details. One day they will take the trouble to do it, since they are paid for it.

I’ve been following you for a long time, I love your job. if you want to do the same. thank you.

The attack of the sustained / legato strings seems too late. They drag along compared to the rest. I would correct that in the midi if I were you.
I would also humanise the piano more both in timing and velocity. I clearly hear it’s midi.

@ED-MusicProductions You see it from the wrong perspective. The fact, that you’re using a $13.000 library and a good reverb means nothing. If you give me a $1.000.000 Stradivary violin, I would get out nothing more than horrible noise. The reason is: I don’t want to use it.
There are two opinions, who tell you, that the piano part at the song start is bad. But you know it better it seems. There are two opinions, that your mix is muddy. But you know it better it seems, because your gear is expensive. Dude, that means nothing. Why do you think will professional composers (at a way higher level than you and me) give their work to professional mixing and mastering engineers? The answer is: These professionals know, how to do the job. Better than you and me. But if you receive here some good hints about the mixing quality, you should consider to take it serious. You want success here? If yes, I would trust to the experience of other composers. You win nothing, if you put yourself in a defensive position and explain to the others, how and why you have the things done. All what counts is the end result. And please keep in mind: It’s not the reviewers fault.
I appreciate your compliment about my work. But I will always be honest if you ask me about your work quality.


I have in no way criticized your remarks, which were very judicious. When it comes to professionalism I don’t have to compete with anyone, I have a 30-year career as a musician behind many jazz and pop stars and many albums, but music composed with machines seems more confused to myself even though I have been practicing it for a very long time. We don’t talk much about music but I have the impression of being more, a sound engineer but I’m only a composer. I think in the future to give the mixes and the mastering to sound engineers who will do it better than me, but not the music.

I agree that your responses are way too defensive. Coming up with amounts of money, years of experience… You ask feedback, accept it with a sense of modesty or don’t ask for it. Just my opinion.


Well, as Fab Dupont says, " is good enough for jazz" .

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I was only asking for your opinions, friends, not to be taken apart on the forum. thank you. in the future I will refrain from asking anything

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My English is very bad so don’t interpret my words. it’s google translate.

@ED-MusicProductions . You are entitled to ask anything. Just respect other author’s opinion, even if they are not always right. They are just sharing their opinons based on personal experiences, and judgement call. The fact that you produced the track on a 15000 usd sound library is not a quality proof. I have seen a 300k usd car smashed in a tree. Was that a bad car? I doubt that.
The ’ Jazz ’ joke i mentioned before is supposed to be taken lightly. And excuse me if it sounded harsh. It wasn’t my intention.

I said this because I was criticized for the quality of my sound library. I’m not complaining, I’m starting here and I have some results. I downloaded 63 tracks and got only three rejects. thank you to all of you for your wise advice I would apply it.

Hello everyone. My track failed. Sakazi, which is not in the interests of the market. Can you tell what doesn’t fit? Thanks!