Hard reject

Hi guys. I need your help. Hard rejected. Watch here
What do you think?

The motion is the biggest problem. Redo the keyframes on the title flying in. Also, there is no impact I can feel. Cam shake can help, but do not overuse it. Less is more with cam shake sometime.
The shockwave does not look good, it also comes too late.

Design details can be worked out for a better visual quality but the motion and timing is the weakest point here, imo.

Thanks, I will work on the bugs

Hi. First of all, think that there are many works approved like yours already, but with better quality about effects, motion and some “punch effect” that makes it eye catching for customers. As @Creattive said, animation and timing are not ok, animation needs more flow and not that abrupt intro in terms of motion itself, at least in my opinion. And fire/saber effect, I think it doesn´t mix very well with text, looks more like forced than natural and part of the whole design as it should be.
Hope this helps. Good luck!