Hard reject...

I just got another hard rejection for this track :

anu feedback would be much appreciated !



Hi there it seems like a beautiful clean piece of audio with a great dynamic range. If l’m forced to offer criticism l’d say (scraping the barrel here): song sounds like 2 nearly identical parts? Visual of waveform supports this too but anyway, it sounds to the ear like 2 iterations of 1 item. Not even sure that qualifies as a criticism hehe.

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I think track is awesome. Maybe little bit lacking of dynamics but still i cannot see why its rejected.

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Need More Reverberation!!!

thanks for having taking the time to listen guys !
I will try with more reverb.
All ur comments make sense, just wish it would have been a soft reject…
Anyway … thanks ! :blush:

It’s an awesome track. For me, the bells are the only thing that stick out. They sound a bit too computerised in their hard-quantized timing and lack of dynamics. It’s wearing on the ear after a time. Also, I think a better bell sample library would be good. The sound you have is a bit thin.

U know , I was thinking about it (the quantized bells), and then I got used to it, and told myself : naaaaaaaaaaa, it’s all good !
well, i guess i was wrong.
Thanks for ur time !
(and by the way I checked ur tracks, impressive work !)

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