Hard Reject ?!!

Please Help!!

I want to know why this work has been rejected?!!
And what are the quality standards required ?!!
what can I do to make them be approved?!


hi i think that the name and functions as well as the informations are misplaced, that they should be placed a bit more on the right for name and function and contact information a bit more on the left so that texts are not crossing teh design , so that they are a bit more readable again. It seems to me that the website on the part with teh logo could pop up a bit more. but for me this design looks great, i like it. I tend to think that they may expect u to play a little bit more with the typo, but as for me , i like it as such. I have a question for u , is the back editable?

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Thank’s for ur reply. And thank’s for advice .
Yes it is edietable

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