Hard Reject WP template - Improve or not improve

Hi, I got hard reject on my WP template
Demo page:

Please, help me with advice, what I made wrong. How this template can be improved?

It was hard rejected? hm…

Only think what comes in my mind is that when I watching Your site I thought it was landing page before demo to choose …

Much inconsistency in the spaces.

The typography has many errors, needs to improve, working with weights text fonts to create a better hierarchy

Work on the contrast and color

The graphics and effects are very childlike

Try to do creative things.

Good luck

Thank you for your reply. I am very appreciate it.

It’s typical flat vector design - thats how page like this looks like. Personaly I do not like this style but long time on TF I do not see so creative ( brave ) design.

But now I click on dropdowns, they are hard to use, use a tag as a block element to get whole field clickable not only text, Your dropdowns are huge but do You really need so much space for them ?

ps. second demo is much worst (right)

The Header colors (variants) are terrific