Hard Reject WordPress

I made a theme that is very professional and beautiful, but very easy to reject
demo link
I wasted 2 years of my life, really see if it is fair

Your theme does not provide a unique enough design with the necessary design quality, features and options to compete in the marketplace at this time. As higher quality templates become available in the marketplace, approval requirements will increase to maintain appropriate marketplace quality.


I don’t see any specific issue with the design ( not sure about the coding ) but there’re too many similar items on the marketplace already. If you want to get the item approved, you need better design approach along with the current ones ( you can offer variants )

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I think the judges are not educated and rational. They work very tastefully
Check out the new approved themes, all very poorly designed.
Also, my coding and theme management are very powerful


I can agree with that…

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Your design is very good quality but already it have in themeforest, you can make more unique design will to approved. thank you.

Looks very good to me!

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I’m sorry to hear that your theme has been rejected by the marketplace. However, it’s important to understand that there are strict guidelines in place to ensure a high quality and diverse selection of themes for users. It’s possible to improve your theme and resubmit for approval in the future, or consider finding alternative marketplaces to showcase and sell your theme.

I’m preparing a theme, I was totally disappointed when I saw this page.
I think the referee has a personal enmity with you.
I’m not saying I haven’t seen a better theme than this, but it’s one of the 3 beautiful themes I’ve seen so far in themeforest.
With this type of judges’ decisions, buyers are deprived of such beautiful themes.
And I am sure that if it was approved, it would be one of the best-selling themes
I feel sorry for Team envato

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Hi, your design is good but your theme is similar with another theme. You have to know; Review team reject it for not unique design. Maybe you can change main colors and font family.

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Hi dear friend
Yes, I checked with the envato plugin and there was no error.
If I change the font family and colors, is it possible to be approved?
I imagine they will reject again without seeing and I shouldn’t spend more time

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Hey there,

I know guys who got hard regect.They made some improvements, changed the theme name, and re-submitted it to a different market category. They got approved after that. I believe you also have another chance to try and make it work. Good luck!"

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Hello, thank you for your suggestion
Are the judges different in different categories?
Is there a problem if I don’t change the name of the theme and just make changes and upload it in another category?

If you are going to make relevant updates and changes then there’s zero point in altering the name or category which is a very risky decision.

Having been hard rejected, if envato notice the change of name and category but don’t think the updates are enough, then you risk having your account blocked.

Envato get thousands of submissions every month there’s no possible way for every review decision to be consistent. For what it’s worth your item doesn’t look bad, but trying to navigate around rejections rather than address them properly is not a good idea.

I do not get your point
Is it better to make changes in the same category with the same name? And don’t change the handle?


In a marketplace where there are thousands of submissions each month I am sure there are examples of where people have just altered the name and category and then got approved but if you are going to address the feedback and make necessary changes, then there is literally no point, but significant risk of negative impact.

I think the designs is so tidy, but It’s very common. Maybe you can try to improve by following current design trend like blur background, overlapping or broken grid layout, bold text and some animation.

That’s more less like this:

Thank you for your opinion
Do you think it is possible to approve the template by changing the color, font, and style of the theme without changing the images?
Because the hard rejected

No, You can’t resubmit again a hard reject item, if you change the name, color, font, or image too .

The theme functions look good but there are no unique design features. I recommend you should re-design it and submit it.

I am really confused.
Some friends say fix the problems and send again.
Some people say that it is useless because it has been rejected twice and will not be approved again.
Is it really possible to be approved if I give more time?