[Hard reject] Wordpress Theme hard reject, HTML template approved

Hello, community.

Today, I had a hard reject for my WP theme.
That was in the email

  1. Any incomplete, not prime-ready, outdated, bland or copied themes will be hard rejected. You are simply reserving the queue with your submission and creating a review delays. This applies to conversions as well!
    Major improvements are required!

Not sure I understand what is wrong. More of that I already have the same HTML template approved.
Please, tell me, what is wrong with it.
The preview link

Let me guess… the reviewer is Emil Uzelac :expressionless:


I don’t have the review name, unfortunately

Are you sure that’s a hard rejection? It seems more like a Soft Rejection. Is the item listed under Hidden Items -> On your themeforest dashboard?

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Well, I dont have this item in the hidden items. And yes, it looks strange that I’ve got some comment. But the email title is “Your item has been rejected”

That’s is a soft rejection feedback into a hard rejection email. That type of rejection was already reported by many other authors. And I’m sure that the reviewer is the one listed above. -> Classic: Rejection without even checking the demo :scream:

Maybe you should contact Envato Help team for extra feedback and explanations regarding this strange rejection here:

Good Luck :slight_smile:


Thank you very much. I will submit a request.
And maybe you also have some comments related the theme?

Sure, for example:

  • Spacing top-bottom not equal:
  • Unequal sections:
  • This button is not well spaced + not well styled:
  • There are some different spacings here:
  • Use some sort of hover on footer social icons;
  • Add a custom tagline instead of:
  • I can suggest a white background on the timeline items to create a better contrast with the other gray background:
  • Make these this one word -> two: Read More instead of Readmore
  • Alignment issue:

Hope this is enough feedback :slight_smile:
Good Luck!


Wow, its more than enough.
Many many thanks!
And if I fix all those (and maybe some new) issues, can I upload it again?

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Check it on mobile - issues with spacing, aspects cropping eg hero area, forms etc.


ok, thanks
I will check it also

Before resubmission you can post the updated site url here for an extra feedback :wink:

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Yes. He is the only one who provides this stock message without any real feedback as the other ones does.

He is checking the themes without installing any plugin. Even if there is no customers who uses the theme without any plugins installed/activated. What makes me angry is that nobody from Envato Staff isn’t doing anything to make this reviewing process correct and Out Of The Box -> This is the correct key phrase… who on earth will use a theme without plugins?! Looking for a reply from @emiluzelac for a lot time now… :frowning:


I tested my theme and its working good even without plugins

@CD2Studio, I took a look on your post. He just pasted the screenshots for the blog pages as he did for me. But why? I don’t understand. I asked in the help center. We will see what they answer and I will paste it here

It always does this thing. You are not the only one who receives blog screenshots as feedback.


Yep, I will do the same thing, thanks to the tip provided by @ThemeSLR . I hope they will give us a more human response, not some robotic stock message.

It’s really sad that Envato allows this kind of behavior in the review process, especially given the fact that they are also losing money in this situations…


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Hello, everyone.
I’ve got a soft reject for this theme))
Looks like your feedback was really helpful, thanks.
I started a new topic for the soft reject

Please, take a look and give me your advice