Hard Reject without any comment


What do You think? I do not have any additional comment, just hard reject. Is it so bad?

I know it’s simple blog but that should it be.

Have you used all images with licence? They may reject on basis of licencing as well.

All images are from unsplash so I can even sell them … sorry Two of them are from photodune but I bought it so I can use it in demo.

I also wait for second blog theme - also very simple but with more functions … 8 days waiting so I should get respond today … but I’m afraid that it will also get hard reject without any comment…

Guaranteed rejection: https://validator.w3.org/check?uri=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.wordica.net%2FWORDPRESS%2Fwp102%2F%3Fsidebar%3DRight&charset=(detect+automatically)&doctype=Inline&group=0

Do you really need inline styling and tables?

Yes, bacause I use cookies to redirect for demo purposes … but I thought that reviewer uncompress and check theme on his side. You think that this is biggest problem? There are no validation error - I check it before use cookies.

Tables I use only for comments, inline style = for background in categories image top section ( I need cover CSS ) - how can I use it in other way ( inline styles ) I can’t dynamic change CSS.

Tag Cloud - it’s default wordpress plugin with inline styles
Instagram - also plugin with inline styles

I am not a reviewer but haven’t seen tables in a long time on here (outside emails).

The W3 thing. The reviewer will almost certainly begin with the demo so again I would not know for sure but unless there is a very important reason for the redirect I would drop it.

The design is not bad so there must be something that the reviewer is not liking

Standard post link not working

Are you sure all the back-end set up is done as required?

Are you sure all the back-end set up is done as required? - Yep.

Ok I will try to do something with W3C.

It is a pity that did not write why. For me hard reject is almost everytime for design.

Ok I never try to fix hard reject but … I will try first time :wink:

No I don’t think it’s about this redirect - he can click other button on this site and check validate. I got few soft reject and always use cookies like this.

Any one else ? Some feedback ? It’s hard reject without any comment.

I paste it after rejection. i got next two weeks if I will decided try to “fix” Theme, waiting for second review.

Ok, W3C Validation now works. Should send it second time only after W3C and some small changes that I made?

Ok, I send it second time - although I never try to fix hard reject item.

Thanks for help.

Waiting… :slight_smile:

I’m 99% sure that the reason for rejection is by design.

The logo is very confusing to finally see it as something very predictable whole design as a whole. Needless uniqueness.

In the home we can not put all the information to overwhelm the user even when a blog is necessary to create a hierarchy and add creative areas. But even for a minimal design

It is a good start but not up to the required quality

Keep working good luck with your next project. Do not give up that’s the key

Ok thanks … so You are first that say it’s design … I will wait and reviewer will do whatever he/she want’s. I fix redirect for validation like charlie says and waiting.

And second thing, when I try to do something little different http://www.wordica.net/WORDPRESS/wp100/?style=style_1_1 , it was also rejected (soft) because of :

  1. Overall quality.
  2. Layout and organization.
  3. Usability.
  4. Readability

So in one word - for everything :slight_smile: