Hard Reject, why?



Hi guys, i need a feedback please, don’t understand why this item was rejected here.


In one sentence, this track is simply not what the title suggests. It is not really powerful and lacks the energy that you would expect from a track with this title. In addition, the mix is thin, there is no punch, no grit and no attitude. So overall it fades against comparable tracks you can already find here.


Very good track, this is my opinion!


Hard to judge the mix from a preview on another stock site, most of them are 128kbps mp3 (or worse) and sound bad - actually, this one is 122kbps. I think AJ is like the only site that let’s you keep a high quality 320 kbps preview. As far as the actual song goes, it’s ok, but I’m not sure how I feel about the cowbell. It would be interesting to see AJ rejection statistics, I bet it’s like 85% these days.


Nice track!


He is right about the thin mix. Don’t know about the tittle, may be it’s more Rock’n’Roll, but i think it’s too powerful for this style. But if problem was in description or tittle, should be soft reject, i suppose. Cowbell may be too loud, I thought about it. Thank you.


In my opinion the time sugnature in the chorus is a little bit complicated for stock music. It will not work good as a video background cause this rhytm attracts too much attention. Standart 4/4 should work better I think.