Hard reject...why?

Hey, Guys. I don’ t know why my logo templates hard rejected and what reason. All and Always!)) Please explain me …why??)
recent examples

i think it’s similar with a lot of item in the market

variety for the buyer is bad?
Sorry for my English

  1. The owl is quite hard to use as a template logo so probably won’t sell.
  2. The buildings from the water drop is very similar with other stock logos, maybe modify the middle part somehow to make it more unique.
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newest items Building Logos


hi correct me if i am wrong but u have not show us your work this far , right? if so how can we help you fix what may need to be …

hi, n2n44 … corrected
recent examples…


well if u ask me i do not get it, i do not know what is the supposed problem with your items … the only possible reason is that in some of them u used too plain a typo that is all …

maybe … thanks for opinion )
I believe that the simpler the logo, the better )

well what i can tell you is that i have seen really way more simple than your logos here … and i am not sure that this is a really good argument to sell your items … however if u say this for typos, this is a way of thinking, i agree and disagree at the same time , depending on what is being considered …

in future I will try to find the optimal solutions) Thanks!)

i guess that no one knows best what is good for you than u do anyway :slight_smile:

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