hard reject Why ?

Your character looks nice but the selling potential is very low.

hi i think that u have several things to fix, at least, in my view. I tend to believe that your illustration would look better if it were make with thicker strokes in the first place. Next, the shadowing is very unrealistic and definitely not aesthetic and i am not sure that adding this , like this , is doing any favor when it comes to improving your item … i think this is the other way around indeed. There are also some lacking shadows, like under the arm … it seems to me that u could make your character look better with bringing more work to the table when it comes to eyes … they are not cute , unlike the rest of what u have done and they are not expressive in any way either . finally the blue under the character , i have no idea what this is supposed to stand for and , honestly , this far from being aesthetic , far from making higlighting the lemon. I am also sorry to say just this become i like what have drawn but for me this looks much more like a mango than a lemon lol

why’s that, buddy? i think that if he can fix the several issues he is facing and that he gets the thing approved , that this is possible to find a buyer base for this

I have a character in my portfolio (a funny robot) and unfortunately it doesn’t sell. But who knows…

very reasonable, thank you :grin:

You’re right, when I look back at this design a lot has to be improved, thank you for correcting my design :heart:
and also you changed my view, it does look more like a mango than a lemon :joy: :rofl:

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hmm if after I improve this design can I upload it again ? because, which was previously very rejected :thinking:

lol sometimes this is difficult to keep really lucid about what we have personally done , not to mention that this is even more difficult when u are currently working on something , sometimes coming back the day after can help, sometimes this is someone else’s point of view … but why not calling a mango rather than a lemon anyway lol :slight_smile:

well this is ok to submit again as long as u have bought significant changes to the item … and i think that u really fix everything that has been evoked properly i guess that should be ok, that would bring a good deal of changes already, if u ask me …