Hard Reject: Why?

Why was this hard rejected?

Comments from the reviewer said,“The item does not meet our minimum design, animation, and technical requirements.” But does not go into any further detail.

Advice, guidance greatly appreciated.

too simple

Thanks for the reply romiam.

I appreciate it’s simple but surely so is this project which was accepted… https://videohive.net/item/minimal-logo/20126377?s_rank=10

Or this one… https://videohive.net/item/minimal-logo/15765067?s_rank=40

Maybe i’m biased but I don’t see how these minimal logos differ from mine in their simpleness. And within my project I gave the user the ability to alter shadow, colour and end position of logo.

You have problems with animation. Especially when the logo scales up, it’s not look natural. When the logo changes the size, other elements in your video don’t react at this event. They should follow the logo’s movement, or even be the reason of this event.
Look carefully at projects that you referred. All elements there react on each other.

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wow great insight dude, definitely not wasting anyone’s time :sigh:

On-topic : @DOGmotion is right. The elements need to have a “purpose” to be there, sort of. Something like having all the elements rotate and come together somehow towards the center would’ve been slightly better. But the general idea is that you can’t just wipe them away, they need to animate around the logo reveal.

And while I appreciate the soft shadows that give it a slight 3D look, for simple projects like this i think it would be better to just keep it 2D/Flat. If the project was more complex, maybe the shadows would be a better choice, otherwise I’d go flat.

@Voxyde It’s great dude, but it’s not my project. Why do you write it to me?

The first line was for you. You’re on all rejection threads, where people ask for criticism and you basically reply with “it’s not good.” and not give any valid reason for why that is

And it’s extremely annoying

It’s your problem that it’s extremely annoying to you. Peoples ask: “what’s wrong with my rejected item?”. So I write what’s wrong (on my opinion). If I see something good in rejected item I write: “looks good, but…” If I see good rejected item I write nothing

Nope, you simply say “it’s not good” and never give a good reason why. Just look at this thread: “too simple” is not valid criticism, you’re just saying it for the sake of saying something or to feel included.

Good way to give advice: "The colors are too bleak and should be more saturated."
Wrong way to give advice: “Colors are bad.” <— wasting everyone’s time

Sorry @Noble_Studios for hijacking your thread, this is my last reply

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Usually I give detailed explanation. But here I see that the basic problem is the too simple animation and design.
And I’m not saying it for the sake of saying something or to feel included. I just express my opinion, since the author asks about help in the Envato community. And I am a part of the Envato community