Hard Reject. Why rejected? Need help or advice!



Why rejected logo? Who can advise better?


The concept is too vague, it doesn’t have a clear meaning. What does colorab mean?


It’s just a game of words. Color abstraction. As Lorem ipsum etc.
You want to say the reason in the title?
The same thing I sent with the name of DigiFish (Digital fish). Also rejected


Not so much the title but the concept in general. It needs to have a clear end use for buyers. So for example for yours it could be for a printing service, but it’s not very clear at the moment.


The name is not important. The logo is abstract and suitable for many types of businesses. We make templates logos. And the text the client changes himself to suit your needs. After the deflection at the GR sent the logo to another site. There went the sale. It’s a shame