HARD REJECT!!? WHY? Need some feedback.

Hello everyone. I need quick feedback. I just got a hard rejection with copy+paste reason ( All my respect to reviewers, but is it too hard to type few words about the rejection??). Anyway, I will re-submit it, but before that i need some feedback, some suggestion to improve this project: Here is it https://www.behance.net/gallery/31361083/Sony-Xperia-Z5-Mock-Up


It would make the review queue much longer. :smile:

About your item, looks good but you really need to improve the text on the preview!

So you think this could be problem ?..Ok i will improve the image preview.
Could you please tell me if you are seeing some other issues. Maybe something to change on the smartphone or you think it is okay?

It wouldn’t be hard rejected just because the preview image needs to be cleaned up a bit. It was probably hard rejected because you put the model name of the phone on it.

Thank you very much. I will improve the image preview best i can and I’ll re-submit and we will see :wink:

I would say the phone model name in the preview image and some of the fonts used in the preview image

that makes no sense at all to have this rest item hard rejected, let’s face it there’s no reason at all which may justify just that … . First of all, but not less, this is a high quality item. Afterwards, if this only a small issue of text in the preview or anything like this , they can soft reject. Finally , according to what i could witness, if u have some copyright issues (just like when u leave a model in a flyer when u were willing to it out) they just soft reject and tell you … and i don’t know why in this case they would do any other way … this is a great work and this addition is very interesting, so why try to do something which may cause this item not to ever make it here?!

u may be right about waiting time Martin, but what about simply soft rejecting and providing with a few lines, that would have been much much more appropriate …

in addtition, i am also wandering how queuing could get worst, this is an absolute shame at this time! are they aware that Christmas and new year are on the way and that this is probably the biggest events in the world when it comes to communicating and having parties and so on?! what a awful timing for self pricing and so on , really incredible!

If we’re right about the reason for the rejection, then yes that’s true. :blush:

I think the problem is the the name of the phone, because i got an approved project few mins ago with the same image preview: https://www.behance.net/gallery/31396985/Smart-Tv-Mock-Up . Anyway i will change the image preview as well as the name and i hope will be okay.
Thank you guys :slight_smile:

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if u are right tun this is really regrettable … lol even if u can boast around about being right lol kidding :wink:

I will upload it again till end of the night and cross fingers for luck :P. I will kindly ask them for some reason (not copy+paste one). Thank you Nico for the support :relaxed:

u are welcome my friend , u deserve it :wink: