Hard Reject: Why? Help me please!

My first project https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkrkY-aPVW8

Advice, guidance greatly appreciated.

Good Project, Should have been approved, Considering uniqueness and less available projects in Medical category,
Though i do not know project is technically good, i can not comment on it, By looking preview it is good one to be approved.

Thank you StrokeVorkz. Maybe need improvments?

As it is it should be approved, may be you can convert it to a Medical promo Package, means it will have all essential elements to make promo, Mainly slide show, text promo, overlays, lower thirds, transitions etc…, all in 1 pack

Are icons included? Because if they are not yours or if you dont have right to sell them then the template is pretty empty.
Apart from that, the template looks good and should have been approved in terms of design and animation in my opinion.