Hard reject, who can explain why ?


Hi, guys !
here is my hard rejected opener project, maybe someone can explain why ?


too basic. very simple.
check approved openers


It was a similar technique like here http://videohive.net/item/logo-opener/5107375?s_rank=4 but it is simple too, what’s the different?


different: 11 July 13 VS 08 march 16.
higher standarts. look at latest projects =)

and as you see yor project is the same. envato will reject projects that already on table


Thanks for an answer, but I still don’t catch the logic, some of easy projects are accepted and some not, what the main points must the project have for being accepted for hive? There are many similar projects on the hive, so they accept the projects with a similar technique I suppose. I’m quite new here and try to understand the principles, thousands projects can’t be unique.


its hard to start and understand)
as i understood the system:
a lot of projects are uploading to the envato every day, they approve only best of them - impressive projects. it’s not enough to make a template - you need win in this daily battle) every new author, every new idea makes battle harder and harder… so today your project is too basic (even if you found same one on the table). it’s not a market where you can sell any thing that you like - they chose what to sell… sad but true


tnx,bro .
So it is about 50% skills and 50 % luck )


Sorry bro but nobody is gonna sit through a 30 second logo sting, even if it’s the most complex and great looking project in the world.
It’s a very simple animation which could’ve been cut to 4-5 seconds. As a general rule if the logo doesn’t reveal itself by the 10 second mark, you’re doing it wrong.
As far as the actual animation and project goes, there are plenty others just like this on the market, you gotta bring something new-ish to the table.


hi lol if they did believe me the number of items overflooding the market and hurting sales would not be this big lol and all guys would make way better sales with any approved item than they do at this tine and no matter what the category is indeed … so i can understand his frustration …


i tend to believe that u are right for this one, as people are always rushing and the world is going fast … but maybe it depends a bit on the type of footage that this is , on tv for instance there can be sone longer ones sometimes but making it shorter , u are right , is a good idea :slight_smile:


i can understand your frustration as you item i rather cool, now just try to make the ost of feedback here to take your game to the next level and have such a good product that there is no way people can even imagine they can reject it :slight_smile:


hey guys i have been rejected with envato 2 times ,
please some help here thanks