hard reject what

I installed this 4 mockup but they refused

fully hand drawn

I can send psd if you want

please help me
where am i making a mistake

If I send you to a psd you correct her maintenance mistakes

hat’s how I’m designed from now on.

You should consider multiple angles, layouts and variations of each of the 4 styles

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thank you
but how

You designed these mock ups and the relevant smart layers etc. right?

Just do what you did to create these and change the perspective, layouts, construction etc. so there are variations and flexibility

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i sent it yesterday

i have designed

give me an email address

i`ll sent PSD

If you have more options then combine them into one psd and submit that

You also need to work on the design itself in the demo - I know you are not submitting that but the presentation of the above that shows what it looks like with content added is not good - typography, oversized titles etc.

I want to send you PSD

i think i did everything right

but reject

i sent it yesterday

What should I do?

You sent just the original one posted here or a copy with multiple variaitons of each product?


yes 4 psd files


I did each of these in the file this way

4 PSD files
background changable

I also wrote them in the description section

I deleted it to prepare again

change sample pictures first

help me be approved

how the sample pictures are like