Hard reject, what we have to do to be better next time?

Hello guys,

our theme has been hard rejected, it was accepted on HTML template category but instantly rejected on WP category due to design and aesthetic.

Theme is here:

what y’all think about it? is it that bad? :slight_smile:

in advance, thanks for honest opinions

You did good but you need to improve design as recent time design overview. You need to follow latest WP designs to improve it. Your existing design is looking old design as simple.


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The design looks clean but it’s outdated in terms of the conception itself. This might be good several years ago though. Try to avoid this “boxed islands” styles everywhere, add more artistry to the elements (it’s a bit “dashboard style” now), improve typography hierarchy, fix errors like this https://yadi.sk/i/gbYZXwO3kjwlqQ May be it’s also worth to place some fullwidth elements/images because everything is boxed boxed boxed now :slight_smile:

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