Hard Reject What is a Requirements for PSD Templates?

here i write envato message they sent me any one please explane what is high requirements in PSD i m very tired with PSD template

Our Review team also provided these comments:

Your template has a good start, unfortunately, due to our high requirements your template is not ready for the PSD template category.

This is better suited for Site Templates or WordPress — or another category, it has potential to be accepted but it may require more improvements before it’s approved under another category.

Your are not providing an unpleasant template but the PSD category requires higher quality in terms of aesthetics.

My Designs

I like your design :), but some sections i think need to be redesigned maybe the contact form and the big buttons.

thanks alot :slightly_smiling: for you comment

Unfortunately is a good design can not appreciate all small details there are probably problems with the typography, contrast, or spacing

Go ahead luck

thansk alot dear :slightly_smiling: