Hard reject (vs accepted)....?

So i just got hard rejected for a trailer track. But it was part of a batch where some got accepted. Thing is, to my ear they all sound pretty similar. So not really sure what to do.

Really starting to think it’s down to the whim of which ever person happens to be reviewing you that day…

Heres the one the got rejected.


These are the ones that made it through…

To me, the one that got rejected is just as well composed and mixed as the other two…?

I think the first 40 seconds are not needed at all in the rejected track. Other than that I don’t see any problems.

Thing is that’s kind of purposeful. If you listen to the music in a lot of trailers, the first 30 secs are just ambient background music with a few hits here and there…

I see your point but I haven’t really seen that case on AJ, more or less every track gets to the point really quickly here. Maybe the trailers are using different tracks for that part? Not sure…
Maybe I haven’t listened to enough on AJ, it’s also possible.

Let’s see what other more experienced users have to say.

I think they just approve and reject based on market needs.
My best songs (imho) were rejected!

Good luck

I agree with OverSounds. I think you should skip the first 41 seconds. Most buyers won’t wait so long to assess the value of the track. It’s a great track in my opinion. However the pauses are very long and tend to make the track lose some momentum. Also, I found myself wanting a final drop or deep hit right at the end of the final crescendo. Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Yeah, had similar criticism on the VI forum (along with drums are too loud and trebly). Going to remix it a bit and add a variation of the chord progression to the intro as well as remove the pauses (which are only there for video editors benefit anyway).

Wow, nice Idea!
I think, that the reason of reject is long intro! It’s difficult to use this track for simple short videos!
You can try to adaptate your track for aj format, I think, that you’ll have approve after that)

Well, i’ve edited it a bit now. Shortened the intro, took out the gaps between sections and made the drums sit a bit better in the mix.

Might try submitting it again and see what happens. If not, might try Somewhere else, (you seem to be able to get a bit more money over there too).


Nice work on the change @Puzzlefactory :thumbsup:. Note that it is against Envato policy to list the competition in this forum. You might just change it to “another RF site” and all will be well. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip.

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