Hard Reject. Unexpected:(

Hello! Last week I uploaded the project “Logo Opener” to the videohive (https://videohive.net/item/logo-reveal/20814990). At the moment he has about 15 sales, he has the sign “Tranding Item”. I decided to make a similar, slightly more advanced project “Claps Logo Opener”, but I received a hard reject. Honestly, unexpected.


I think it is simply too similar to your previous item to be accepted as a separate project. Just changing the speed and adding more text placeholders to your previous project isn’t enough upgrade to make it as a new separate one. I could see it as another (or a bonus) version in the same project, but not as a separate project.

Yeah they’re exactly the same. Update your last item with this version included, don’t make a new separate project.
Imagine if everybody took all their items and uploaded different color versions of them, it’s spam

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