Hard Reject Two logos Design, Help me!


I have a few questions about my logo design that got rejected.
What did I do wrong?
How can I change it to be accepted?
What’s your opinion about it?

Waiting for your responses and thank you!


hi Douglas
indeed, i tend to believe that u have a real issue about the concept of the first logo , it looks like a tractor is rolling on an orange and this thus does not look credible . I assume u certainly wanted to do as if it were planet earth assimilated as an orange but as such this is not working, people cannot “buy it”

in addition, logos are considered in areally small size here so basically the tractor maybe almost invisible …

besides , your second item is not bad but lines are way too thin for th same reason than the one i have just exposed and …

in addition, in both cases, the typo part if really too flat , there is no originality transpiring from it, when , here u are expected to have a creative typo and combine fonts in an harmonious way