Hard reject. Tell me why

I do not understand why this vector works was rejected?

What are you trying to sell? I mean, is this a Photoshop template?

Hard rejected tell my Why… i know it is hard, but may be its not ready for the market place…

This is a vector illustrations

I think a little problem is that the illustrator has a retro feel, but not very retro. It’s somewhere between retro and modern. Maybe you can tweak it a little and offer both versions? You can also try to remove the small shadow under the hair.

hi , indeed hard to tell what is wrong with this item … it looks like this retro style that a guy i particular uses much and who has a lot of items in this style , for me , there is no problem with the execution, and if this is not about posting in the wrong category, it is just that maybe u did not really put any text at all and that buyers maybe likely to have some so that they can change it … hard to say …