Hard Reject, suggestions how to improve?

Hy to everyone,
This track got hard rejected. I know there are a lot of these track. But I tried to add some different transition after 1:25.
Does anyone have suggestions on how to improve. I don’t seem to get a corporate track accepted lately.
Corporate Day

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Hey there,

First off, I want to say that I’m new here and definitely not an expert, so take my advice with a grain of salt.
So, I think this is a cool track but in my opinion, there are two main things that could improve your track:

  1. levels (volumes):
    For example, the piano chords at the intro are too loud, the bongos drum that starts at 0:18 is too loud as well (and a bit dry, maybe some reverb would help).
    If I were you, I would leave the track for a day or two and come back and listen to it with “fresh ears”. Then you’ll be able to hear clearly what volume changes you should make.

  2. The melody has something nice going for it, but could possibly be improved. Maybe play around with it and try some new ideas…

I might be wrong with my advice, but that what came to my mind when I listen to your track.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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some reverses peak! also the kick is too compressed ! these are on the mix !
now on the melody i cant really tell ! i like the melody !

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Agree with MarklarMusic for levels, you need a better balance of levels.
Also try adding more life in the song before 1:26
At 1:26 that strings and piano are very emotional, but they are like they are from different song.
You need to “marry” those parts.

Otherwise its a nice soft song


Thanks guys for the tips !
I will leave it for a few days and work on the levels, compression etc…
Sure it’s a bit of a marriage, but with the same theme. I’m not sure anymore (after 10 days) if it can work.

A couple of things I noticed: Firstly I think the sample quality of the instruments is not quite on par. Piano sounds okay, but the rest sounds kinda cheap, including the strings. Furthermore it’s a matter of balance as well. There is little cohesion between the stages the track has. From 1:25, like Pandocrator said, it seems like a whole different track. And lastly the drums are really dry and ‘clean’ I would like a little bit more ‘oompf’.

Good luck!

Oke. Thanks for the remarks.