Hard Reject Resume And Blog Script - I Need Help

this is the second theme I’ve tried to install but they both got hard reject, no one can tell me how to fix it or where I’m going wrong. Then how can I create a better quality product. The labour I have given for months should not be counted in a single sentence. please help me with this issue.
My product is a php script where you can introduce yourself, share your projects and write and manage a blog.
Demo link: BMDCv .
Thank you in advance for your answers.

The resume thing is very very crowded and with respect the execution here is really not great esp typography and styling.

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Thank you for your feedback, I will try to evaluate what you say. However, I do not understand what you mean when you say that the CV section is crowded. I still think it is incomplete when doing this part.

Maybe on CodeCanyon but there are a ton of CV/Resume solutions on Themeforest many which offer similar if not more features/functionality

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I’ll look into it, thank you for your answers.