Hard reject portfolio AVEN

Hard reject html template.
Help me please to understand.
Fourth template rejected.

Demo : http://demo.forgotten-themes.eu/AVEN-demos/

The design looks perfect, neat and simplistic. I really envy you for this :tired_face: Although it seems it is rejected due to use of div tags or say html4 try changing it to html5 .

Some points of rejections can be due to posting it in wrong category or licensing issues.

BTW what was your feedback by the review team?

Good Day :blush:

REJECT MESSAGE: Your item does not provide the necessary design quality for this category. As higher quality items become available in the marketplace, approval requirements will increase to maintain appropriate marketplace quality.While I’d be able to provide feedback as to how to get this approved, I can only do after it has crossed a certain threshold, quality wise. I’m sorry to say this isn’t there yet.

Was uploaded in Site Templates/Creative/Portfolio

P.S. For your reference, here are the details from your submission.

AVEN | Portfolio and Agency Template

AVEN | Portfolio and Agency Template

AVEN is a Portfolio and Agency Template used for displaying the most creative projects.It's optimized for user experience and mobile.The design is very creative with latest trends and animations but very easy to use on edit and use.

Live preview to convince

agency, Aven, display, gallery, portfolio, project, responsive

The design is very minimal and neat, maybe the homepage has too much pictures compared with text, and this can induce some disorientation in the people.
Also navigation is cool but a bit slow, specially submenus, for my tastes.

But the biggest reason I think is related with colors, as it seems reviewers like when you put some colors in it, while even if your site is very clean maybe it miss some strength and impact to convince.

Anyway cool work!

For me, as a visitor it was hard to understand the structure of this template in the first place

This portfolio very difficult to use… Websites should be simple and intuitive, but this one is not.

I think you should simplify the navigation and resubmit it.

Thanks! Could anyone tell me if html code is well written,because someone tells me that it’s Html4.

Finally i can reply :grinning:
Changing it to html5 will make it to today’s standards for coding in html.

As I was very curious by your unique and inspiring work. I clicked through every button to navigate within your site. It may not be in the case of normal visitors, so I agree to @MajorThemes

All the best with revisions. Can’t wait to see your item in the marketplace. :relaxed:

Thanks so much parag150k

it’s nice design mr @Forgotten_themes,
it must be the code, or visual hierarchy that makes rejected

Thanks @vinirama
Could someone look over html codes?

I may help you with the html codes if you want. :grin:

The site components layout is quite unusual that’s right, but in my opinion thats the way to be innovative. And also it should be up to customer if he likes that or not. Anyway the design is really clean thought. Hope you will get int with the possible code changes.

Just letting you know the little thing - the “slider menu” doesn’t work on iPhone 6. Not sure if it have to or not, or you just did not tested. Also in “select theme” slider works on preview images, not on main texts with arrows, where I expect it.

Good Luck, regards Soul :sunny:

Thanks @SoulDesign1 . Anyone?

I can help you @Forgotten_themes .

Anyone? Any feedback is welcome

I don’t like that transition from right to left.

Seems unpolished and unusual. A simple fade would have done. Don’t include elements just because you can.

When accessing the portfolio item, there is no way to get to the portfolio so that is not nice.

There are some spacing issues in “j’adore book cover
print” … maybe more

Avoid vertical text …

The theme is nice IMO, just needs a lot of polishing

Good points @ZoomIt . Thank you very much.


The theme is nice but its lacking a unique design style. Make use of primary and secondary colors - right now everything is black and white and looks boring and be more creative with your overall layout.