Hard Reject please shed some light on my track


I do not understand why my song was rejected. I made two short and long edits. I thought the arrangment and the mix was ok and the usability for future projects ok. But reviewers don’t agree that. I would need to have a clue of what this track is missing so I could learn something from it.
Three years ago there was different energy here on envato and you were given by reviewers some advice, ideas of what was wrong with your project nowadays that we have that vague response after a weeks working project submission we only have forums to try to get something postive from this hard rejections.
Thanks in Advance



The track is ok in general but at my first listen it seems to me that the samba drums don’t fit with the techno song. Maybe from this track you could create two different tracks: one 90’s techno and one with the brazilian theme.

Best wishes!


I strongly think the drums go well for the techno vibe as I used this project for a work someone ask me for and many people were happy with the result. But anyway I apreciate your response, thank you very much Marian


It took about 30 seconds to get to the main portion of the song. That could lower its commercial viability.


Maybe i forgot to respect the “Getting to the point quickly” advice for commercial usage. Thank you Jack this could be one of the main reasons for the hardreject