Hard Reject, please opinion. I don´t understand why.

1.-I bought an bestseller Lower third item to know the quality standards and try make a better product.
2.- My Item is more easy to customize than this best seller item https://videohive.net/item/lower-thirds/10338608?s_rank=6
3.- I bought a universalized expressions software to do better products for all people, other items not have universalized expressions.
I feel that I have been two weeks designing, I spent all this time and I haven´t work in other proyects.
All my items have been sold. Why envato make me loose my time?.
I feel sometimes so bad with envato team reviewers.
Please help!

  1. Why did you buy this item, if you can simply watch the preview? It’s more then enough to understand the quality standard.
  2. Do you see the difference in quality between your item and “the best seller”?
  3. You don’t need to by Expression Universalizer to make your expressions universal. :wink:

Thanks DOGmotion
1.- Because, In the preview you see the aesthetic but buy it I can see the usability complex for the customer, for try think in another best way to do it. more simple, more useful.
2.- It´s similar quality, but my item have 30 Lower thirds, not 50. My item is automatically ajustable if you change the length text. The bestseller don´t have this skill.
3.- You have reason, I don´t need the plugin but was a save time for me.

In my point of view, I see big difference in quality between those items. Your animation is too nervous in some cases. And I’m sick of this bounce effect. For me it’s like Comics Sans font in design. Everyone put the same expression that simulates bounce and think that it looks good. Try to do it by hands in graph editor.
And of course, this two items are too similar. There is a border which you can’t cross.

in my opinion whats making this project not good enough is the weird intro with texts wiggling all over with unexpected movements!!
titles are all good ! exepct the outro animations they are weid and going very fast !

good luck

Thanks for your opinion!

MbrEffects thanks for your time and opinion.

In my opinion there isn’t anything unique about this project compared to the top sellers. Your layouts and animations are nearly identical to 100 other items and VideoHive has probably rejected it because of this.

First design a unique project, then worry about functionality along the way. They don’t care if you take someone else’s project and make it more user friendly if the end result is the same.

I believe in your words, Thank you very much flikmotion.