Hard reject. Please need help!

Hello everyone! I just got a hard reject :frowning: Can anyone help me to understend why? this is track https://soundcloud.com/mikhail_aviator/upbeat-corporate-royalty-free-music

I’m not gonna say much about this track other than it is rather average and non-spectacular. And here is the problem:

In a nutshell, there are already 1000s or actually 10,000s tracks of this kind here at AJ, all by more or less the same generic titles, “upbeat corporate”, “corporate ubeat”, “inspirational corporate upbeat corporation” or whatever. They all start with a reversed cymbal, follow a 4 chord structure, use the same pattern and build, the obligatory late kick followed be the obligatory clap, glockenspiel, etc. Now, many of these tracks already here simply sound better than this one, are better produced, more expressive, have better melodies, and so on. As a consequence, new, “average” and “so-so” material gets rejected more quickly, which is a good thing.

You would need to step up your game or try to compete in a less beaten-to-death category. Good luck!


Thanks, I thought about it, but I had to hear from someone else. Can you also listen another track? Another hard reject today! :(( here.