Hard reject please helpm and review this

hello people please help me about this project >>


That font is unreadable at 14px. It needs about 24px (1.5 em for standard browsers).

Maybe you should use another font for the smaller text.

  • Code does not validate properly

  • Footer needs work

  • Shadows are over done and don’t help the design

  • Spacing and margins need work

  • Typography could be improved especially line height and small fonts

  • Generally the design is probably too basic and outdated for such a crowded category

hi mate ,

themeforest never hard reject templates for small design problems or padding and typography problems

you had technical problem you should be first solve this problems of your template like :

your menu not working probably

in testimonial your text move after hover

and like this problems more work on another template

thanks for ur suggation

thanks for your suggestion

thanks for your valuable comment