Hard Reject, Please Help Understand Why ?


After 10 days of waiting and high hopes, hard rejection, again. Can you help me nail down what is wrong with this song:


What is the Audiojungle review queue length now?

I do not want clever, this style of music not understand … However, somewhat subjectively bothers me there that long strings at the bottom. It’s because nothing like blurred. Perhaps it is to lose volume or consider using other instruments.

Good luck, whatever you’re doing! :slight_smile:

Btw. also already 10 days waiting for approval of their items in the queue. It’s uncomfortable and annoying. :confused:


sounds good to me! Perhaps a bit too repetitive (works well for certain videos i know) but then a soft reject with the remark that it should be shorter should suffice.

Can’t help you but it sounds good to me.


Thanks Robert for taking time to listen :smile:)
They didn’t say arrangement/commercial value, they said /samples/mixing/recording. Besides it is repetitive kind of music that’s why its called Trance :slight_smile:


My first reaction is that the string swells are way, way too prominent. They take over the entire sound and it gets very tiresome just after a few bars. Either replace with something MUCH less noticeable or completely remove and it would change the song.

Personally, I would have slowed this one down to a “slow trance / trance house” tempo to be less stressful. But that’s just me, I know you want it fast.


Thanks. They couldn’t say that and soft reject it? Ahhhh…Its hard here


Song is cool.I think rejected because pad or string swell.


Cool track!

I agree with Prestashopthemes. To me, that is the issue with the track. It bleeds over everything else, gets boring after a few bars, and the slow attack/rerlease gives a sloppy feel to the whole track.

Also, I would boost the beat a bit, but that’s just a matter of taste.


Exactly. Sometimes less is more. I tried strings must be completely removed, as it would look like. If it was empty, he tried to put it there, but only very slightly.


Damn swells, I thought they were cool. Anyway its still very easy to fix, no need for hard reject a soft one would do


Yes, it’s true. When I take it from that perspective, I do not understand why your song hard rejected.


Really nice track ! I think the reason of rejection is a annoying strings with no change in volume thrue the track and kick drum from early 90th.


I quite like it :slight_smile:


Great track, although the string swells are a little too pronounced, and the beat isn’t really there for me. I’ve listened to a lot of trance and the drums are usually louder and more driving,

My advice would be to put more emphasis on the drums, and maybe use some EQ and compression to make them punchier and clearer. The bass drum could do with some more kick. Other than that I’d say it’s a competent track. You may want to widen up the sound stage with some hard panning, though it isn’t absolutely necessary.


To be honest, sound is dated, pads is … well… strange… Trance is the genre, that changing and evolving very fast. If you listen latest State of Trance compilation by Armin Van Buuren, you could easily find what’s wrong with your track. My 5 cents. Your track reminds me Robert Miles tracks. What year it was? So i agree with hard rejection. If you need to complete this track and make it suitable for stock market, you need at least change many many elements of your arrangement here. Strings, bass, kick drum, etc.


Thank you Lumen Media I was just starting to think that everybody liked it :slight_smile:


Not everyone ready to tell you… REAL opinion. :slight_smile: Some prefer to be polite. As i remember, in most cases as your case, some of us replied similar - “i like it, this is good track”, and so on. But if you take some attention to what i (and other guys too) said here, you will see some fresh look at your production. Do not accept this too personal, i came to Audiojungle from trance scene, so believe me, i know what “dated” means. As well as multiplte rejections.


I wanted that 90’s sound a la Robert Miles- dreamy piano,and organ for bass.


Cool. I got it. Change strings, lower tempo and call it Retro trance or Dream trance. It could help


Probably I will, thanks :slight_smile: Thanks all I mean