Hard Reject. Please help to understand!

Why this project does not meet the standards?

Another version:

I look at new approved projects with something similar. These are good projects, but I can’t understand why my project is worse!

Video is not available

I fixed it. Sorry, I’m upset and therefore a little inattentive.

Hi. I´m not an expert about these kind of projects. Is it very similar to your “Music Video Effects” item? But what I can see, in my humble opinion, maybe more as a customer and not as author, is that this rejected project has too many things on screen going too fast, “Music Video Effects” looks visually more clean and keeps that modern style anyway, at least to me. Maybe other authors can give you a better insight.
Good Luck! :+1:

Thank you for your comment!
Two weeks ago I uploaded a similar project, but with less effects and more clean video.
Unfortunately, the project was also rejected.

Therefore, I completely redesigned the project and added more effects. Probably the reviewer does not like this style and dynamics.
Recently, it has been very difficult to understand the reviewer’s criteria. And unfortunately there are no specific explanations.

Yeah, that makes it difficult to understand in which direction you have to go. Maybe if you try to clean your mind and take a different direction, perhaps logo projects, promos, etc, I would do that if i were you.

Thanks for your feedback!


Hi Tim!

Even if in my opinion i would make some changes, your file has all the necessary elements to be accepted.

Some work on it will make it much better.

Your rejection is something that has to do just with the reviewer’s taste, mood, directions from the boss, and much much more than we don’t know and we will never understand.

Me personally ( i try to make you feel better :slight_smile: ) I had this month, almost the same amount of rejections,
of what I had the last 7 years on videohive

I have about 120 files and in total about 15 rejections the last 7 years … 6 of them in the last month…

I always feel angry and rejected, I always go on and stop thinking about it…


Today on the first page of videohive there is a file that is … maybe the most basic animation exists.
There is nothing professional about it… and it has a major mistake… but it is there… guess why :slight_smile:

Hi, Thank you for your comment!

I also look at the page with the new approved templates. And I can’t understand why my project is worse!
I tried to post a more restrained version (my second link). It was also dynamic, but the number of various effects was less and the effects appeared less frequently. Then I decided to make a more aggressive version and added many different effects. The result was a completely different project.

I wrote that my project can automatically generate effects (with various settings that change the dynamics). You can also manually set any effects at any time with any duration.
I tried to explain that this is a little more than a regular template, it is like a constructor from prepared effects. Of course I made a detailed description and video guide.
But a month of effort was in vain.

I would like to note that the project was quickly reviewed and rejected in less than 12 hours. This is good, but not for me now.

I am not an author on videohive yet. But I think that 2 minutes for Dynamic Effects Creator Intro & Music Video is a lot. The maximum for such videos is 30 seconds. Better - 15 seconds.
Effects on the faces - …
Perhaps the effects are better to choose one style.
Not only speed is important, but also acceleration, deceleration. Give your eyes a break on the way to the finale. Or - … 10-15 seconds.
It’s my opinion.
Good luck.

Hi, I agree with you, but watch the second video (one style, effects are not constant, acceleration and deceleration). Effects are divided into several groups. You can use any group of effects separately (quickly on/off any effect at any time, etc.)
Of course, the description contained detailed information and a video guide.

“Effects on the faces” - I understand you. Yes You’re Right! I should not have used these footages. It was my mistake.

Many users are asking for longer durations for music videos.
Of course, 2 minutes for the intro is a lot, but the user can use any 15 seconds.
I wanted to show the most diverse video in combination with effects.

I just wanted to make a universal project. Probably the wrong strategy.
Thanks for your help!