Hard Reject!!! Please Help me to understand what I was doing wrong !!!


Hard Reject!!! Help please to understand what I was doing wrong !!! the second track of the last time gets Hard Reject! Please advise what is wrong in the track !!! Thank you !


you have low frequencies is very small , and the upper frequencies a lot , and the vocals not fit the track , it’s not needed !!! a little non-commercial sounding !!!


I think this is a great sounding track, and interesting. I agree with WildLion_Production that the vocals don’t fit - too distracting for stock music. There is a perceived volume drop around 1:30. Also, the ending drags out and is a bit off the path set by the rest of it. To me, this has commercial potential with some arrangement changes as discussed. Good luck!


Maybe it was rejected because it’s fairly repetitive, and it takes so long for each new development to arrive. There are some really good elements in this track but you have to wait a long time for more parts to come in. I quite liked the vocals actually, very unique and tastefully done.


Friends, thanks a lot for your response and guidance ! I think you are right all and I will try this track to finish taking into account your advice !!! Thank you very much!!!:grinning: