Hard reject - Personal blog PSD


can some one help me to know why got hard reject,

Here is screenschot if some one can help, we design simpla blog,

Thank you

Even though, I have not published any themes yet, but I can try and break it down to you in a few quires why you got hard rejected.

  • Your theme isn’t up to ThemeForest standards, take a look at other blog themes, be objective when you compare them.
  • Don’t use lorem ipsum and for picture blocks don’t put size’s
  • Try to fill your website with actual content that a user will might end up putting online
  • Try to find better renders, stock images for your website ( keep in mind the image sourcing though, you must be able to use those pictures and renders or from a resource website like unsplash.com )

I could go more into depth, but for the moment I think this is why. I suggest revamping it from scratch and starting off something based on the comments I gave you above.


the social media icons at the bottom looks stretched. There is a spelling mistake, you wrote “Leave a Replay” instead of “Leave a Reply”. Improve ordered list section in terms of design. Rest of the sections also need to be improved a little bit.

Thank you i will improve it.