Hard reject on two of my flyers

I understand these are not good enough but I’m not able to understand how do I improve myself. I have checked other similar flyers but I don’t know how to get those effects.

Hi @Fahad_kz, yes too simple, the text below is too small and hard to read, the main header needs more work, and l would get rid of the external glow around the model.

You don’t really need to know all that much about lighting affects, my first accepted flyer, (avatar, link, then Beach Party Flyer) only had distorted paint brush affects, and got accepted.

It did have an image in the text, but that can be learn’t through googling it in Youtube.

But do a dot using the paintbrush tool, in airbrush mode, then change the color, to whatever you want, then distort for a lighting hint, (but only do it using numbers, not dragging it with the mouse, that tends to leave visual errors).

Good luck,


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Thank you @tmcom for your valuable feedback and tips. I’ll try to do my best with my next flyers design.

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