Hard Reject on Portfolio built with Next.js and TypeScript


I recently submitted a theme built with Next js which you can find the preview url here:

I read in the envanto documentation that Themes built with Next.js dont need any specific strucuture for their code and I kept the code and folder structures clean so I was wondering what is wrong with the design quality of the website. I reviewed a lot of other Next.js themes on the themeforest market and I saw far worse design and features and a lot of them were single page like mine (ex: Tokyo - Personal Portfolio React + Next JS Template by ib-themes | ThemeForest ). I would really appreciate if someone could help me with this since its my first experience with themeforest.

Some of the site features are:
Light and dark theme
Smooth scroll
Infinite Scroll
PWA ready
Perforamnce score of almost 100 on pagespeed.web.dev

This is pretty good

  • there‚Äôs some typography and styling which could be tighter
  • you could offer different portfolio layouts, a single and a multi-page version