Hard reject on epic. People to the rescue?


This one got hard rejected with the general message. I was not amused :disappointed:, because I tried to make something different than all the existing epics. Is it because the effects (which can be in epics I think)? Will it be OK when I turn the hits and horns down, or delete them? It’s a short and a somewhat longer version.


Mix-wise the bass sounds a bit soft (muddy I guess) and boomy to me. Composition wise, I’m not too sure about it. The beginning effects are very dramatic but then it mellows out with the piano. I don’t find the piano melodies very appealing, they meander along and just don’t have much going on in the way of good melodies to me. Conclusion is that I’m not convinced about the composition. Could well be that you can make a good track combining those dramatic parts and more emotional strings and piano, but I don’t think this was done that well.

That’s just my thoughts based on one listen, other opinions may be available. :slight_smile:


Dont be disappointed mate. Try harder you will successful. Best of luck.


Strings sound are outdated. Also I agree with ToivoMedia that begining and other parts of song has different mood . Also some fx are very agressive.


hi , for me, the variety offered is kind of interesting and this is bringing originality to the table indeed …


Thanks for your time and replies. Now I’m a little bit puzzled however.
Ofcourse I like the comment @n2n44 and support of @janxcode_team. But from comfort comes nothing better… @ToivoMedia: I had to make a choice in the mix and volumes. My special aim was to make another kind of track and wanted to make a dramatic start. Can’t prolongue that all the way though. The war beat has to be somewhat at the background. The melody yes is mellow, but that was the point. Imho it is nice (but hey, who am I). Pitty you don’t like it. The struggle will always be (for me) between background music and more upfront music.
@LuckyBlackCat: also thanks for your time and yes the fx are aggressive. I will turn them down (if there’s any point in it). Leaves me puzzled with the mood. Maybe it’s no happy combination. I will think about what to change etc… If it can’t be that way, maybe the conclusion is that experiments fail and everything has to stay the same?


Personally, I like the idea. I think the biggest issue is the mix. From my ears it sounds like you have this dramatic percussion going on but then the softer sounds are just there on top of it. If you can pull off the mix I think it would sound real cool. As it is now it sounds to separated, if that makes sense.


Yes that makes sense. Thanks!


It’s a nice idea for a piece of music - but I have 2 general thoughts on why it was rejected.

  1. Composition - This is a very specific, somewhat artistic idea; the “play against picture” concept where some sweeping melody and powerful emotion plays over a battle scene. But this is pretty nearly the ONLY scene that this would be any good for - the marching drum almost requires it to be a battle, but the quasi-laid-back groove aspect of it means that it won’t work even for that situation. So compositionally, this doesn’t function well as commercial music, just from the concept itself.

  2. Production - Epic is going to tend to require a very highly produced sound, and the mix and samples just aren’t getting it there. Go listen to Two Steps From Hell or Audio Machine on Youtube and you’ll hear what I’m talking about - massive pounding drums with strings that sound almost live (or actually are live, which isn’t something you have to compete with here so much), and a very, very controlled mix between all the elements. Your synth sweeps and risers are too loud and harsh, the drums aren’t beefy, and the strings have a very MIDI quality to them. I suggest everyone to read this “tips” page to see about improving your sample sound. http://music.tutsplus.com/tutorials/the-ultimate-list-of-tips-for-producing-sampled-strings--cms-21216

Sorry for such a rough view from me, but I hope you find this helpful in some way.


Hi Composerbell, thanks for your comments. This is just the kind of feedback that challenges me to improve. I was busy with it. And think the composition can work now. Fingers crossed…