Hard Reject on Audiojungle, help please

I’ve uploaded my first track to audiojungle, it’s an orchestral piece with a “pirate” theme but it got rejected, can someone please help me and tell me what to do? Here’s the song:


Thanks! /Jeff

Hi Jeff - First of all this is a very good piece of work. However, it takes 1:08 before the listener gets to hear the first transition to the most interesting parts of it. You will lose their interest after 15secs. Right now you have a lot of repetition at each “section” that reduces its value to the listener. I think you can take this repetitive 2:58 track and surgically cut it down to a very strong and viable 2:10 track. Especially focus on cutting the intro repetitions way down so you can get to the more interesting parts much sooner. My 2 cents. Good luck on it :smile:

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The first minute of this track is weak. Repetitive and that vibrato violin sounds very synthetic. The drums, I like. And I like the strings after the one minute mark. The structure needs to be worked on, it needs to be arranged in order to keep the listener’s attention. But I like the sound after the 1:00 mark, it has potential. Good work!

I can only basically echo what’s already been said.

The aforementioned repetition. Solo melody is begging for some simple variation.
The aforementioned slow build-up, can definitely cut out/combine some of those measures, or else do things like one measure solo flute, next measure violin and flute doubling melody.
String libraries aren’t quite up to snuff, especially the solo violin sound.
Orchestration is quite minimal, especially during the build-up phase. Would consider adding brass in places, flutes can sound very piratey.
1:08-1:25/2:16-2:56 sounds approval worthy.

Good luck!

Also use more stacc and marc samples. Playing your motif with sustains just doesn’t sound right.

Thanks for the tips! I’m gonna try and cut down the song as best as I can :slight_smile:

Yeah I was kind of thinking that, I’ll see what I can do about the violin :slight_smile: