Hard reject on Apps - Only web-related apps are accepted?


My first upload, hard rejected. Since I could not find any tutorial about this, I will ask for help here.
My app is:

  • A single EXE, totally portable, pure Win32 code - no JVM, no .NET, no crap needed
  • It was an app I developed because I could not find one, so it should have some market share
  • … but it is not web-related.

It’s an app to automatically generate random tests for students/learner/teachers/school of Thai language that can be printed and given to students, and/or exported to JPG to be used later.

At the moment, there are 8 different “games/tests” (multiple choices, true/false, check spelling, scrambled letters, etc.), and the program uses 3 included dictionaries, but in the documentation I explain how to easily create custom ones.

The documentation is available too, and it covers both the user interface, and the possibility to customize the output.

I can only think of 2 reasons why it’s been hard rejected:

  1. It has nothing to do with Web development
  2. The user interface is not fancy - but it does not need to be. Just configure the number and type of tests, and click either print or preview, that’s it.

Anybody can confirm either the (1) or that you need a fancy interface - “beauty over function”?

Thank you