Hard Reject on ambient, please help

I got a hard reject on this ambient track, would you please kindly give me some feedback? I have listened to some other ones more rough on mixing and production, and yet accepted. Also, isn’t ambient more flexible in the sense of arrangements?

Hi there!
I like your track, it’s very peaceful) :heart:

I think the reason behind the rejection may be quality. Some of your midi samples sound to flat to me. I believe that you need work on this, also you could try to use differend sound libraries.

Don’t give up and continue to do your best :grin: :+1:t2:

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Thank you for your feedback @Wolf_Music , do you mind telling me how do you mean by flat? Maybe I need some more instruments? but sometimes I think it would be too much for an ambient track. Did I put too much reverb?

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My english is far from perfect, so I don’t know how to describe it well :thinking:

Let’s just say, that some midi sounds are just too midi) i don’t think that adding more instruments is a good idea, cuz there’s a risk that it’ll become dirty and messed up.

Try to change some sounds or even other libraries, maybe you’ll find a better instruments.

You can use some good reference ambient, so you could compare the quality.

I also recommend you to ask other authors, who specialize in ambient category

I hope you’ll find the best solution for you)

Hi @Wolf_Music, I have some other questions, but I guess I would email you instead. Hope to chat some more.

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I’d be glad to help)

I sent you an email, from my email account kadencore@me.com. Thanks man.

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