Hard reject on 28 ink transition + after effect setup

I would like some insight considering a “hard reject”
I just submitted a pack of 28 preRendered ink transition with different in / out generated by after effect built-in plugin. I submitted it in Motion Graphic.
As a bonus I give away the After Effect setup so people can customize the shape of the ink transition.
The ink transition is made out of vector shape, and is very easy to customize, and pretty fast to render.
I checked a bit some other “ink transition” after generated, and most aren’t really crazy good quality.
My item got hard rejected and I don’t really have any explanation, just that I can’t resubmit again…
I don’t really understand what the problem is, as I put some example of use as well…

Would anyone have any insight to what the problem could be or else?

I see a lot of really cheap bad quality item on videoHive, as well as reSell of pack that comes from other artist… It’s been few times that my items got hard rejected without any clear reasons… and it makes it very complicated to submit and got approval on the next items without knowing what was wrong on the previous one… :confused:

Thanks for feedback deer comunity, this is really killing my motivation to spends weeks on item that got rejected without clear feedback, and no way to get a chance to put it on sale :confused:!

PS: I see some people that still reSubmit hard rejected item, is it something possible? or it’s prohibited? (of course doing change and improvement.)


I’ve resubmitted hard-rejections ~2-3 times, still got rejected, but I still will resubmit a project if I made considerable improvements.
Writing to Envato support is useless in my experience, they replied me that they can’t do a thing about hard rejections.

P.S. After a year or more, when I look at my rejected projects I tend to understand why it has been rejected. But not the last one, my gosh…enough about it me )